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Bring On The 49ers

The Gun Of Bavaria

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I'm done. I've ranted. I'm through.

We lost, it blows, I'm pissed, but oh well.

Time to focus on the 69ers and take out some Broncos related frustration on them.

Need to work on a lot of things this week in practice.

1. Generate Pass Rush - Imperative that Sutton and Co. develop a strategy to develop pressure on all future QBs, especially if and when a playoff run comes about. Current pash rush, if you can call it that, isn't working.

2. Secondary Run Defense Plan when teams key on Jenkins - Jenkins is the "Jesus Nut" (Look up helicopter term) holding that defense in place. If her goes, and by that I mean the offense makes it their mission in life to take him out of the equation, the Jets need a plan for someone else to step up and snuff out the run. Teams will purposely spread out into 4 and 5 WR sets for the specific purpose of taking Jenkins out of the play, or off the field entirely.

3. Get back into offensive rhythm - Trick plays are nice in dry weather, but in the rain and snow that is our future schedule, they can't be relied upon. Continue to pound the rock with TJ and alternate with LW, while keeping them honest and utilizing screen passes. With TJ and BF, we have a 2 headed threat on the ground and in the air, they can't key on both so see what the D is going to throw ya and go after their weakness. Note to Schotty: The Wildcat with Smith is nice, but if he never throws a pass out of the formation, everyone including the vendor in section 312 knows what's coming.

4. Move On - Hey, they weren't going to go 13-3, so the team should move on, move past the loss, and focus on winning the rest. Sometimes you need a little reminder like this to bring you back to Earth from time to time. This loss can surprisingly be used to our advantage if the right lessons are learned.

Oh well. 12-4 is a very nice record too. This team can compete, they just need to keep their heads and rebound back. The 49ers are the perfect team to do that against.

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