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I saw Them Crooked Vultures last night


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If you don't know, this is the band with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) on drums, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) guitars/vocals, and the legendary John Paul Jones (Zep) on bass. Plus they had an extra guitarist on stage.

For me this was a real treat because Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time and Nirvana is up there as well. So the deal with the band is they've done a really good job of not having anything leaked even on youtube so you don't really know what you're walking into, nonetheless I coughed up the $60 and watched them at Roseland in the city.

One word... Awesome. The music was well done, specifically the riffs on a number of their songs had something to sink your teeth into. Sorry I don't have any titles. Dave Grohl was going insane on the drums. I loved the backbone JPJ created, he looked like he was a kid up there, really giving a lot of energy. He also did a pretty kick ass keyboard solo. He was playing this bass that had blue lights lit up and down the neck, pretty cool.

The one negative is you couldn't really hear any of the words, it sounded like everything else got cranked up to the max and Homme got drowned out, which could have made it a little better. Other than that there wasn't one song that I stood there and thought "I wish this song would end". Which is saying a lot for a guy like me who tends to nitpick music.

I can't wait for the album to hear the studio versions.

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