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Rutgers Eric LaGrande moves arms!


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Great news. This is huge for people in his condition as it helps them become more and more independent, which is the ultimate goal. He may never walk again but gaining motion back in his arms will allow him to do so many things we take for granted. Also its a huge relief for his primary care giver.

Things like feeding yourself, shifting yourself in your chair, brushing your teeth...I mean the simplest things that we dont even think about are back in to his every day routine. It makes a profound impact on their mental state as well...give hope.

Do you know if his hands were effected? Is he able to move fingers, etc?

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No. Only been able to move his arms slightly to the side. One of them he can get up almost 45 degrees. Said last month he's been feeling twitches through his whole body.

My niece gets twitches too. I'm pretty sure that a very common thing. Her legs will go stiff sometimes and then start twitching big time when you try to bend them back to place.

She gradually gained motion back into her arms, so the fact he's progressing is great news. She had full range of motion with her arms within a year of her accident. However, her hands didnt come back. She used have a contraption she'd put on her wrist that would secure a fork, tooth brush, etc. But she got surgery on her tendons in her hands and is able to pinch and clamp...which literally has changed her life in that chair.

Hope the same things happens for Eric.

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