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Rob vs Rex question


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First, I realize I'm a worrier and I over-think things.


-Rob has heard everything Rex knows via family outings/holidays/etc.

-He'll use that knowledge today to try and win. It's his job, and I'm cool with that.

But since it's opening day, will this duel produce film that will make our season's opponents more dangerous than they would have otherwise been?

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You think Rob's going to come up with something special to stop the Jets' powerhouse offense? Haha!

Or do you think that Rob has offerings for the 'Boys to beat Rex's dee?

Or both?

Me? I'm not really that worried. I'd expect the 'Boys to be running a lot of screens and counters against the Jets to take advantage of their pursuit, and probably have a good amount of success - the 'Boys are a good screen team, and Felix is a good back. But I don't think they're going to be showing the league anything they don't all already know.

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Rob coached well against the Jets last year, but that may have been Mangini more than anything else. Rob has never been a great coordinator or even close to one. Neither Oakland nor Cleveland were ever anything even close to special, so I cant see how his defense is going to make the Jets tip their hand or show some weakness. Its not like this is some powerhouse offense anyway where you looking for some blueprint to beat it.

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This isnt the first time the Jets led Ryan faced a D led by his brother. Cleveland.

Anyway, film is film. You dont play Football more worried about what you're "giving away" rather than just focusing on winning the game.

I think what makes Rex great is his ability to change game plans week to week, at the half and on the fly. He's one of the more impressive I've seen at it. Thats why our games are always competitive. The game in NE was an anomaly.

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