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Posey and Verlander get paid.


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Posey receives 9yrs-167million

Verlander receives 7yrs-180 million with a vesting option that could make it 8yrs-202 million.


Both players are clearly deserving of the money they earned.  We shall see if they are burdens like A-Rod is in the latter part of there careers. 

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Posey is pretty young I think, younger than Verlander. Plus they'll keep his body sharper by mixing him in at 1B.

Verlander is just one bad injury away, as pitchers are prone to more serious injuries.

But yes, both deserve it!


And I was surprised he played that much at first (relatively speaking).  Probably a wise decision considering how much the Twins are paying for Mauer.  Still a productive guy, but not the power you would suspect at 1B or DH.

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