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Thoughts on this Herm debacle


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It seems more and more like Woody is just fed up with Herm. Herm was the 3rd lowest-paid coach in the NFL, and apparently he was annoyed at that. From what I gather, it started to bother Woody, especially when he wanted another extension with a raise after a 4-12 year. Then Herm does nothing to quell rumors of him going to KC. He always said, "I'm going to coach the Jets." He never said, "I'm not going to Kansas City." Herm had a lot to do with going to KC, this wasn't just KC calling up Herm. Herm wanted this, too. If the Jets really wanted Herm, if Woody really wanted Herm, we'd get a first round pick or no deal. But if we're getting mid-round picks, it shows that we're happy to get anything for Herm. I don't know if we were going to fire him, but obviously Woody wants to go in a different direction. I doubt this is Bradway's doing. This shows a lot of how quickly the Jets have soured on Herm. I have no problem seeing him go, especially if we can get picks. I always said I liked Herm, but I wouldn't mind getting a new voice in here. I don't like the conservatism, and I don't like the game management, but we've had good results for the most part.

As for the Heimderdinger to HC deal, that's completely bogus. While Dinger might be the leading choice, we have to interview a minority. We can't just say, "Okay, bye Herm, Dinger, you're in." We have to follow the Rooney Rule. That makes some of these rumors seem a little unrealistic, although I'm not sure if the rule applies if you hire a guy from within.

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