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Ad pop up on top of my iPhone screen

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On 11/18/2018 at 12:03 AM, Maxman said:

We are only showing ads from the category that google calls easily minimizable. Haven't heard any complaints about it.

Hey Max,

On my iPhone...you know how you hit the top right icon/prompt when you have a notification....when I click that icon, sometimes, an ad slides down and I can’t get to the notification bc the ad is in front/blocking it. So I have to backspace to get rid of the ad.

im the only one who has this issue?

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How it loads every time you view a new page = ad covers the navigation.

How it should load = ad sits above navigation. Users should have to minimize an ad every time they want to move around your site.

See if Google has an option that prevents this from happening. It’s bad.




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I removed one of the ad options, it was for a hover ad. I think it was the one people were mentioning. It isn't showing up for me on mobile anymore. If anyone has an issue just let me know.  Thanks.

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