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Gase on Sirius NFL Radio Now

Bruce Harper

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Again emphasizing opportunity to work with the young QB.

Has known WIlliams since a while back.  Enjoyed competing against him.  Very competitive.  Very hard to move the ball against his Ds, particularly in the red zone.

Have to be patient in putting a staff together.

What he learned from Miami:  Has gotten better with the big picture.  Don't get caught up with minutiae.  Better at deciding what is important.  Improved ability to make adjustments.

Sometimes it's best to have less voices in the room working with QBs.  Young QB needs to hear one or two voices so it isn't overwhelming and from a uniform point of view.  Then there won't be any grey, just black and white.  The less voices he's hearing the better.

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Didn't focus much on Sam when he was in college because they didn't think they had a chance to get him.   Has since watched all his film.  Impressed by how he played after he came back from the injury.  Learned a lot while he was injured.

Still talking about getting his staff together.  Knows the roster very well.  Is impressed with the D.

Will focus more on the offense because he knows the D already from studying them for Miami.

Asked about success against NE.   Doesn't think they've done that well against them.  Some good games mixed in.

Confident, Well-spoken.  Sounds very confident and poised when you're not looking at him.

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