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****The Official Day 1 of the NFL Draft Thread****

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Here we go, boys!!! Playmaker or OL? That’s the big question. We find out today! 

I also kindly ask not to share the picks until they officially announced. I know some of you follow people on Twitter and then you’ll announce it on the board before the commish announces it, from previous years, that has caused issues  


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My overall preferences in order:

1. Trade back in the mid-teens. Are the Broncos or Raiders willing to trade up for Penix? Nix? I’d trade back, acquire an additional pick, and then select the best overall offensive lineman or wide receiver or even Bowers, if available. 

2. Stay at 10 and pray that Alt, MHJ, Or Nabers falls to us. The more tape I watch on Odunze, the more I dislike him. I feel like he is being massively overrated by being even remotely compared to Devante Adams. I’d stick at 10 and if Alt, MHJ, Nabers are NOT there, I would go with Fautanu. He gives you positional flexibility and can practically play 80% of the positions on the offensive lineman. Reminds me a lot of AVT. 

3. Lastly, I’d trade up for MHJ or Alt. I think both are going to be great players for an extremely long time. Are the Jets willing to trade a future 1st to move up though? Somehow I doubt it although JD has done it in the past. 

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Yes I want weapon 1st and then OL. If we draft any of those 10 guys I won’t be upset. But obviously if there’s guys who I want sitting right there and we pass them up. I’ll think we didn’t make the best pick. But I’m happy with weapon or OL.

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Still to this day can’t believe the bozo that let the NFL leave radio city. 

The NFL draft has been held in New York every year since 1965

A scheduling conflict with an Easter show at Radio City Music Hall will force it to move from April to May next year


Roger Goodell quipped recently the NFL is getting "bumped by the Easter Bunny" out of their late-April slot at Radio City Music Hall because of a yet-to-be-announced event.

The commissioner suggested Tuesday the league could be run out of Manhattan altogether.


The 2014 National Football League draft was held at Radio City Music Hall a couple weeks later than usual, simply because the iconic venue had an event conflict. Or so it was thought. Now, according to a report by Sports Illustrated,  the NFL is seriously considering moving the draft out of New York City.

Radio City Music Hall ended up canceling the special show that was to go on during the usual draft weekend, leaving the NFL running its draft later than it wanted, unnecessarily, the report said. That upset officials enough, Sports Illustrated went on, that the league may take the draft to one of the other cities that has lobbied to be a host, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, or Arlington, Texas.

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