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Now Elway says stay clear of Terrell Owens


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Elway against T.O. joining Broncos

ESPN.com news services

While Mike Shanahan continues to entertain the thought of adding wide receiver Terrell Owens to the Denver offense, the greatest Bronco of them all has spoken out against T.O.



"I think there are a lot of things about T.O. that none of us really knows, but obviously he can ruin a football team," Hall of Famer quarterback John Elway told the Denver Post on Friday evening. "If it were up to me I would say no. I think the Broncos are close enough anyway, and they don't need a guy who's too much of a risk.

"The Broncos have a great locker room right now; they have a lot of good leaders in there. To have somebody come in who's worried about himself and not worried about what the team is worried about, I wouldn't do it."

Elway is the latest among former Broncos, including Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe, to voice their anti-T.O. sentiment.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson doesn't even think the subject would reach his ears.

"Well, first off, I don't think they'd [coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney] ask," Richardson told the Charlotte Observer.

The Kansas City Chiefs, however, have had some internal discussion about the receiver, but the parties haven't met.

"We haven't heard from his agent at this point in time," Edwards told The Kansas City Star. "I haven't heard from Terrell. If I do have a conversation with Terrell Owens, obviously everyone will know about it, and if it would come to fruition that he was here, then obviously you'd get to talk to him, too. But at this point, he's not here, and I haven't talked to him."

Asked whether the ball is in Owens' court, Edwards told The Star, "We're not calling anybody. We're just kind of sitting."

Owens, who has disparaged his quarterbacks in San Francisco and Philadelphia, is expected to be released in March, when he's due a total of $7.5 million in bonuses.

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