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Jets - Seahawks... GRUDGE MATCH

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Looks like we got a grudge match shaping up here :) 


"Williams believes the Seahawks lack the defensive variations to utilize Adams' versatility as effectively as the Jets did during the All-Pro defender's tenure in New York.

"We're very multiple on how we do those things," Williams said of the Jets' defensive scheme. "Jamal may get bored there because they don't use their safety-type things and all the different complexities of maybe not showing what they're doing as much as we do.

"We'll do still the same patterns of things. We'll still do a lot of the same exact things, but we'll highlight the people we have here ... (Adams) had maybe his most productive year here because of how we highlighted the skill set that he's had."

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll responded to Williams' comments in a joking manner, noting Seattle's impressive track record in recent years.

"Well let's just pass it back: we don't make as many mistakes as he does," Carroll told Dave Mahler and Dick Fain on 950 KJR Radio. "Let's let him have a chance to come back. We might as well do something coast-to-coast - that will be fun.

"Gosh, we're so simple here you know and basically we probably won't get to that stuff," he added. "That might be a good idea, thanks for bringing it up."

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