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Why and who will succeed????


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1) Mark Sanchez - 1st round trade - retired - GM Mike Tannenbaum

2) Geno Smith - 2nd round trade - Seattle backup - GM John Idzik

3) Bryce Petty - 4th round pick - Out of NFL - GM Mike Maccagnan

4) Christian Hackenberg - 2nd round pick - Out of NFL - GM Mike Maccagnan

5) Sam Darnold - 1st round trade - Jets starter - GM Mike Maccagnan

All these QBs have come in and have failed miserably!!!!! Look at Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Sam Darnold all came from a well respected program and careers in college. One thing they have in common besides being drafted by the Jets, is that they were all super hyped by the media!!!!!! Everyone were wanting the Jets to draft these players!!! Nobody saw there faults but they came from winning programs in college and went to the Bowl games. Once they got here, that is when everything began to fall apart!!!!! We saw the layer that the media didn't let us see, the makeup and the mentality of a player. All three mental makeup is what has failed them with the Jets!!!!! Sure Sanchez made the playoffs twice in his first two years after that what happened??? Geno Smith (Idzik thought he found his version of Russel Wilson), he wanted to leave the draft after not being picked in the first round; He was brought in to make people forget about Mark Sanchez; but his turnovers kept on coming and bad decision making with them, He's a backup in Seattle??? Sam Darnold in his third year with the Jets is making the same mistakes a rookie would make. In his first two seasons he did miss games but the mental mistakes kept coming but fans kept claiming that the Jets got the best QB!!! Now look at this season, what has changed? NOTHING!!!!! He is still making those bad mistakes during games, and now fans are not impressed with him. Fan aren't claiming anymore that he's the best QB in the division, or the best that was drafted!!!!!

Why did these three QB's fail??? Is it because they should of been holding a clipboard, instead of starting in their first year? Is it because of the head coach failure to bring in a qualified offensive coordinator to teach these QBs? Most QB's in this league were groomed to be starters, while most have that fire to put teams on their shoulders and lead in their first year. What happen here with the Jets is any bodies guess?

Now its happening all over again, the media has gotten to the Jets fans with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence!!!! Again he is being hyped up and the fans are hoping the Jets land the #1 pick in the draft. Trevor Lawrence is only a Junior this year, he is 6 foot 6 inches 220 lbs and he hasn't declared if he's leaving college or not. What I do know is that he comes from a good college program in Clemson and the media is making him out to be the best QB. Where are all the other QB's coming out of college!!! How come the media aren't dropping there names. Look at players like Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Dak Prescott, they weren't hyped up coming out of college at all!!!! Look at them now those guys were drafted but in college they weren't hyped up at all. They went to the combine and performed like all others being sought out. 

My point Jets fans shouldn't get hyped up by what the media says of Trevor Lawrence!!!! Its not even sure or guarantee he will be entering the draft? They should look at every QB coming out before deciding on him as your #1 pick!!!! Remember once he gets here, the cover or safety blanket from the media comes off and you are back to square one again looking for another QB.

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They failed because they were flawed prospects.  Darnold was the best of the bunch but he was far from a sure thing when we took him.

The rest of this stuff is just window dressing.  The HC's and the supporting casts being awful, which have been true statements for two decades, does not mean these QB's were somehow good.  Just look at what happened to Sanchez, Geno, Petty and Hackenberg once they left the Jets.  Sanchez fell flat on his face at multiple stops.  He had a golden opportunity to win the Denver job but lost out to 7th round QB Trevor Siemian.  Geno Smith is now a career backup.  Petty and Hackenberg are out of the league, with Hackenberg putting up an embarrassing performance and getting pulled from an AAF game the last time we saw him.

I suspect Darnold will be a high-end backup QB like Andy Dalton when all is said and done.

By and large if a QB can play, he'll show he can play.  That's never been more true than in 2020, when the rules are designed to allow QB's to shine very early in their careers.  Darnold hasn't, and he won't.  If you put him in KC with Andy Reid, he'd have been a slightly above average QB at best, and one Reid would have looked to replace (like he did with Alex Smith).

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