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Ihmir Smith-Marsette- WR, Iowa and Charlie Kolar- TE, Iowa State


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Once all is said and done we will end up with a lot of draft picks in this year. more than we have right now because I think JD will trade down at least once. The way its shaping up right now, it looks like we will end up taking a QB with our top 3 pick and the Seattle pick will be at the very bottom of Rd. 1. Because of this we will miss out on Pitts and one of the top WRs so I think JD will take a plug and play O-lineman. Either a C or a G or maybe a T who can step in and play RT for us if we decide to move on from Fant. Maybe in Rd. 2 we take a WR but even then, we should probably double dip at some point. Maybe we end up going RB if someone like N.Harris slides to Rd. 2? And that's before getting into the talent void at CB, Edge and LB on defense, which, despite what some fans think, WILL be addressed at some point in the draft. 

So, this brings me to Smith-Marsette and Charlie Kolar. Two prospects who should be available in the 3rd round or later.  

I love both of these guys, particularly Smith-Marsette, a do it all type WR with great size, speed and athleticism. Kolar is not super athletic but he's a big dude with great hands that knows how to get open and make plays.  

So what do you guys think about these two. Maybe Smith-Marsette with Seattle's 3rd and Kolar with our 4th?  



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