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Jim Caple "I Pledge Allegience...to the Yankees"

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By Jim Caple

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If you're like most baseball fans, you're enjoying the World Baseball Classic. At its best, like the Venezuela-Dominican Republic matchup or the U.S.-Japan brouhaha, there has been almost a postseason tension to the games. At the very least, it beats the hell out of a Brewers-Padres Cactus League game at Peoria.

The WBC does present a terrible dilemma for American fans, however. Do we root wholeheartedly for the country of our birth -- the beacon of democracy, the arsenal of liberty, the leader of the free world, the nation that symbolizes all that is good and right in the world (well, most of the time), the home of jazz, baseball, apple pie and Disneyland? Or, do we root against the Yankees on the team?

Sure, the answer seems simple enough. You root against Jeter and A-Rod. After all, putting God and country first is a noble ideal, but these are Yankees we're talking about!

Does that sound unpatriotic? Perhaps

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