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Injury Updates & Camp Updates


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Jermaine Johnson

Here some injury injury updates and Jets training camp updates, mostly from Robert Saleh’s press conference after practice on Monday.

Mekhi Becton

As we mentioned earlier, he hurt his knee today. Initial reports on Becton were that he was stable. Later in the day the reports came out that Becton’s injury is more serious. Saleh was asked about the backup situation at tackle.

Yeah, I don’t know about that, we really do like our backup situation. I know (Conor) McDermott hurt, he’ll be back, he’ll be fine. He’s started games for us, Chuma’s (Edoga) started games for us. Getting a guy like Duane Brown is kind of being spoiled in a sense of just having so much great talent at one position. But, we do have faith in our backup offensive linemen. Anytime you get hurt and you have to test your depth it does become scary waters, but at the same time it is why we put in all this work and do our best to prepare these guys to be able to take those spots. It doesn’t create panic at all in my mind anyway, but a guy like Duane is a bonus

Connor McDermott Injury Update

Yeah, dealing with an ankle. It’s going to be a week or two. It’s a low ankle.

Chuma Edoga is going to be getting a lot of snaps, obviously. How do you feel like he’s done?

He’s been getting a lot of snaps already. Obviously, Chuma’s got all the ability in the world. He’s just trying to find his consistency. Being consistent and the way he approaches the game and the way he executes from play to play. So, and it’s hard on him, there’s no excuses for it, for anyone, but he is going from left to right every play because he does have to swing. So, that is difficult especially in camp, but I know he’s working his tail off and as he works through and trying to find his groove, he is getting a ton of reps.

Micheal Clemson

He’s doing a good job; we’ll see when he gets to go against different bodies. But, he’s doing a great job, he’s proving that he can play inside and out, and we are asking him to do both. It’s like Deebo in Friday. He doesn’t flinch.

Jermaine Johnson

He’s coming along good. Same thing though, we’ll see when he gets to go against different bodies. Especially when we get those inner squad scrimmages with the linemen in New York.

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