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R.I.P. David Lindley

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David Lindley was an amazing musician who could play pretty much any string instrument. He played the violin, both acoustic and electric guitars, Upright and electric bass, the banjo, lap steel guitar, the mandolin, as well as just about every strangely-named foreign instrument that you've never heard of. 

I first learned about David Lindley from a very cool bootleg live album of Jackson Browne playing  at The Main Point on 9/7/75 . That nights an acoustic duo set with Jackson playing all those great songs from For Everyman, Late for The Sky, and some "new songs" from The Pretender. Linddley's voice could also be heard on Stay/The Load out. His falsetto was the one that comes in first "Oh won't stay just a little bit longer..." Check out this cool slide lead on Runaway with Jackson Browne. He was what those of us in that business would call "a Musicians' musician" He joins that great rock n roll  band up there in Heaven




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Must have seen David Lindley with about half dozen times with different artists at different concerts including of course Jackson Browne in the 70's and 80's.   Fine musician beautiful use of Dobro and string.  Master of slide.  If I'm not mistaken, David did the high note vocals on The Load Out/Stay?      Oh won't you stay...   just a little bit longer...?

RIP David Lindley

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