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Can't wait for the postgame


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8 hours ago, Dunnie said:

Was going to respond with something witty .. but then realized I would be debating with a child.

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Should have gone with your first instinct. This is a horrid counter punch. Boooo!!!

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1 hour ago, TheAustrian said:

Knowledge of actual Football: 

Bowles Movement : „i have none“

Brilliant retort.

Ignore the 4 fumbles, 3 lost.

Ignore the killer drops, at least 7.

Ignore the porous offensive line, 6 sacks and constant pressure.  64 yds rushing

Ignore the drive killing stupid penalties.

Ignore the QBs stat line.

If this is what passes for “ knowledge of actual football”, then Im glad I have none!

Or maybe you should stick to soccer- it moves slower and that might be better for you!

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