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YES announcer Jim Kaat called it


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When Mariano Rivera again surrendered a blown save to the red sox today, Kaat quickly pointed out how comfortable and calm red sox hitters were in the box against Rivera

He then went on and said, theres one way to own the inside part of the plate in baseball, and lets face it, with Riveras cutter he needs to own the inside, and thats to go with some CHIN MUSIC

The next time Rivera pitches against the Sox, hopefully tomorrow in a Yankee win, he needs to send a message LOUD ANC CLEAR to all the Sox batters.......

Give the first batter some LOUD CHIN MUSIC.

Those pesky Sox players are far too comfortable in the plate against Mariano, he needs to let them know that its his time now and you better back the F up punk or you're going to get drilled!

If not, Sox hitters will continue to give Rivera trouble, and thats not good.

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