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(8/7) Cannizzaro: GREEN GRINS ON BUS RIDE

Sperm Edwards

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NEW VIEW: Jets coach Eric Mangini keeps a close eye on the proceedings during the team's Green-White simulation game at Giants Stadium yesterday.

August 7, 2006 -- To the victors go the spoils.

The players from the Jets' victorious "green" team got a few extra benefits on their bus ride back to Long Island last night after defeating the "white" team.

"Like in any winning and losing situation, the winners are going to go home with a really good feeling and the losers are going to go home with not so good a feeling," coach Eric Mangini said. "We tried to simulate that as best we could through some positive reinforcement."

What kind of reinforcement?

"Little things, like the meals that they'll be eating after the game are a little bit different," Mangini said. "It's barbecue vs. cold sandwiches, movies on the bus vs. no movies on the bus. There are a few other things, too, a little bit of a break for one side and little more work for the other side."

Asked if he won, Mangini joked, "The Jets won overall. I feel good about that. I'm celebrating the victory briefly, and I'll go home with the film."

Ironically, the white team was the home team, meaning more loud music was played during the offensive series for the green team, whose QBs were Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens.


One of the standout players in the game was WR Laveranues Coles, who caught five passes for 60 yards. That figure would have been even better had he not bobbled a potential catch of some 20 yards while running out of bounds.

"I think Laveranues has had a really good camp," Mangini said. "I really like Laveranues' toughness. Playing against him, he was difficult because he was such a physical presence. He's also physical in his route running. I've liked his progress.

"The other thing I've seen Laveranues do is work with Tim Dwight and with other younger receivers to pass what he knows on to them. That's been outstanding."


Contrary to one report this weekend, Curtis Martin was on the trip with the team to New Jersey, but he did not practice because he's not permitted to while on PUP - the physically unable to perform list. Said Mangini yesterday, "With Curtis, there is no change in his status."

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