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Troy Polumalu - concussions


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When people talk about Drob and the 2003 draft they tend to say things like "we could have had Troy Polamalu and another player!" - and for a while that seemed like a better alternative

but read this PFT rumor - and know this is why I never wanted Polamalu on the Jets. These things get worse they never get better.


The news that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu suffered a concussion on Sunday likely will cause most fans and media types to shrug. After all, hardly a week goes by that an NFL player with a quickly recognizable name doesn't suffer a blow to the brain box.

But in the case of the Tasmanian Devil, the nasty knock to the noggin that he suffered on Sunday -- which prompted him to nearly tumble off of the bench after being examined by doctors -- is the latest in a troubling string of concussions dating back to his high school career.

Officially, Polamalu has had six concussions. Unofficially, the number is likely higher, possibly in the double digits.

The issue was serious enough to have Polamalu evaluated by a neurological surgeon before selecting him in the first round of the 2003 draft.

Said Steelers director of football operations Kevin Colbert at the time: "Because of the history, you bring him in to get looked at by your specialist; you never know. Once we checked, we were satisfied there was nothing to be concerned with. Players are going to get nicked, especially players who play as hard as he does. I think he'll probably deliver a few more blows than he'll take."

Still, there are medical experts who believe that a history of concussions makes it easier to get more concussions, and that multiple concussions can result in progressively serious symptoms.

With Polamalu signed only through 2007, it's an issue that the Steelers likely will have to revisit in the next year or so, if/when the team is considering whether to break the bank in order to re-sign him.

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