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When do teams usually start signing UDFAs


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Does it start as early as tomorrow, or weeks down the road? :shock:

Ben Wilkerson would be a great sign. I wanted us to draft him after the 4th rd had closed.

He's the best pure center in this draft IMO.

His knee injury obviously scared teams off, I had him pegged in late day 1!

Maybe Mawae (from LSU) could hook us up with another LSU center in Ben Wilkerson. 8)

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They start calling FA's as the last round is winding down. A buddy of mine was "Mr. Irrelevant" a couple of years ago, and was fielding calls from about 10 teams until the last pick.

They usually sign right after the draft or the next day, if they were guys who were expected to be drafted but didn't.

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