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Nugent Q&A: Work time after interesting pick


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Nugent Q&A: Work time after interesting pick

By Dave Richard

Special to NFL.com

(Draftees from the 2005 NFL Draft sat down for a couple minutes and shared their thoughts and feelings about being picked. This entry comes from K Mike Nugent, selected No. 47 by the New York Jets.)

So you were sitting at home. Were you watching the draft as it happened?

Yeah, keeping it kind of casual back at my hometown an hour and 10 minutes away from Columbus. Just sitting back and I got the call. I'm excited.

Did you see the reaction of Jet fans on television?

I kind of did a little bit. You could hear some cheering and see a few things. It is funny what people think when they made the pick. We were here and it was like one of those jokes that take a minute for everyone to get. And then they go, "Okay, I get it." For a minute they looked confused and they didn't know whether to cheer or boo. But you think about what happened in the playoffs and they started to cheer and were into it.

Obviously the pick was made because they want someone to come in there and be a reliable field goal kicker. That is definitely you.

That's one of my things and how I play the game and try to do. I think that is what it is all about in the NFL everyday.

How different is the process of going through the draft for a placekicker compared to a quarterback or defensive lineman?

I don't know how others might say they take it, but I took it with no expectations. It was just my No. 1 goal to be the first kicker taken. I was really glad I accomplished that. The only real difference is kind of the offseason getting ready with the combine. You don't really have to worry about your 40 time or how high you can jump. They just want to see how you are in person and what kind of guy you are and what you do when you do kick. They want to see your reaction when you miss one or how you do when you make a few.

Were you confident that you would be a first-day pick?

I'd say I was pretty confident. I think in my mind I'm happy with the job I did in my career. I felt I had good showing at the combine, Pro Day and all-star games and things like that. I really had no expectations for the first day, but I was hoping for the first day. I realize as long as I'm the first kicker, it is all I can help. I can't determine where the first one goes, and it is all I can really help myself out with.

Mike Nugent was the highest kicker drafted since Sebastian Janikowski went in Round 1 in 2000.

Was being picked in Round 2 beat your expectations?

I think so. It is always a goal. You would like to be able to go on the first day because you know you want coaches to have the confidence in you. I think it shows, even if the guy gets drafted at all, that the coach has confidence in you. I just want to keep going out there every single day. I just want the coaches and teammates to have the greatest confidence in our kicking game.

What do you know about the Jets?

Really just what I have kind of seen on TV. The fun part about that is we always have practice for five or six hours on Sundays watching film. So I usually only get to watch Monday Night Football, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Just kind of what I have seen. I don't really read into teams too much -- college or professional. It is just really exciting watching every team.

Anything you want to tell the people in the Big Apple?

I'm excited to get everything started. Excited to meet all the coaches and all the teammates. Hopefully I'll have teammates for a long career.

There is obviously, no matter where you were picked, going to be a lot of pressure put on you whenever a big kick is needed. But now you are going to be in New York, so the pressure is going to be on.

Yeah, I do realize there is a lot of pressure there. Ohio State has a lot of pressure as well. So that is one step that I have gone through to make it to the next level. I know it will be different, but every guy who has been successful in the NFL has done great job because everyone has a good team. I'm just excited about meeting everybody and working hard.

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