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SouthernJets 'This Week at the Movies'


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I will continue my compilation thread that lists all the currently seen Movies still available at theaters.

This however will be a weekly post going into a tad more detail on what I saw this past weekend.

Saw 'Hot Fuzz', 'Fracture' and 'Vacancy' this weekend..


Highly recommended:

Hot Fuzz (If you liked Shaun of the Dead you will LOVE this. Very funny and different parody from Shaun of the Dead writers. A Big city London cop who is a gung ho as they come , gets sents to a quiet English village where he gets a lesson in life. Tons of the silliest characters to come outin a movie in years and some outright hilarious comedy bits as well.)


Better than average, recommended:

Fracture (Stylishly made and had high hopes for 1st 45 minutes. Anthony Hopkins is in typical great acting form as a wife killer who dares the DA to 'prove me guilty' . The ending is like a huge softball coming your way halfway through movie. I wont ruin it for you but the writers could have done a better job.)

Vacancy (Pretty run of the mill killers run amock flick . Luke Wilson/Kate Beckinsal thriller that has a couple being chased at a modern Bates Hotel by psycho hillbillies. Not bad, just a little boring after the first hour as there isnta lot of twists.)

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