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PFT- TV ratings for week 6

Kentucky Jet

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The Week Six game between the Patriots and the Cowboys drew 29.1 million viewers, making it the most-watched regular-season game since November 10, 1996, when 29.7 million viewers tuned in for a Cowboys-49ers contest.

That 11-year high-water mark could be in danger in two weeks, when this decade's Cowboys-49ers rivalry -- the Colts and the Patriots -- renews itself in Indy on November 4.

For the week, pro football games were the top-rated television shows in 23 of 30 NFL markets for the week of October 8 through 14. The seven markets in which the NFL didn't rule were Boston (due to the presence of the Red Sox in the baseball playoffs), Pittsburgh (whose Steelers were on a bye), New York (where the Giants didn't play until October 15 and the Jets, well, suck), Detroit (where the Lions were on a bye), Cleveland (whose Indians are in the baseball playoffs), Denver (where the Broncos were idle), and St. Louis (whose Rams are as bad as they've ever been).

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