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colts Defense


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i have the colts D and the bears D the colts have been my starting D all year and they have done great, but the bears have a bye and the colts r playing the top offense in the league. now i have 1 too many RB's so do i drop the Rb and get another defense as a rent this week or do i trust the colts cause my 2 rbs on the bench are alexander and edge james alexander is horrible this year and i like james do i dump alexander just for the week to have a good defense because my starting rbs are marshawn lynch and thomas jones

i know this is confusing but to sum it up do i rent a defense cause the colts may not do well against the pats or do i take a risk. Im playing an undefeated team and i have a stacked lineup and i wont to take ths guy down and i dont want the colts D to mess that up

thank you

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