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What a difference a year makes.

Irish Jet

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Here's how quickly things change in the NFL:

Week 10 2006:

Jets bt Pats 17-14

Exactly one year later:

Jets are 1-8

Pats 9-0

Week 11 2006:

Pats bt Packers 35-0, with the Packers heading into a 3 game losing streak that would leave them at 4-8.

Week 10 2007:

Packers inflict first shutout in 16 years on Minnesota, 34-0. Green Bay have won 12 games out of 13 since being 4-8 last season

Week 15 2006:

Miami bt Patriots 21-0

Week 10 2007:

Pats have won the next 12 regular season games, scoring 459 points in that time, whilst conceding 198

Miami have not won a game since then, going 0-12.

This league is F'ed up!!!:confused0058:

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