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If you believe Moises Alout.gif, he is fully healthy, finally. But if you think that's a whopper, he also thinks his team will make the playoffs.

Moises Alou

Alou returned from the disabled list last night but left after six innings when Willie Randolph said his previously-injured calf "got a little stiff" during the game's 61-minute rain delay.

That's not exactly a great sign for Alou, though Randolph insisted "It's nothing that he reinjured."

Before he left, Alou went 1-for-2 with a two-run single in the Metst.gif' 9-5 loss. Before the game, Alou expressed he belief the Mets are a playoff team.

New York Mets

"Definitely," he said. "You read the paper every day and you see the standings. You have to pay attention. But no, look at the example. [The Phillies] made up seven in three weeks [last season]. We have how many weeks, 30, 20?"

Actually, it's about 16 weeks left, and counting. Alou's been hurt often but has blind faith he'll be OK for the long haul this time.

"For some reason," he said, "I feel optimistic about it."

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