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cowboys roster cuts

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Dallas Cowboys announce roster cuts

Newman_Avatar_tiny.jpgby Brandon W on Aug 30, 2008 5:09 PM CDT

he Dallas Cowboys have cut their roster down to 53. Here are the cuts, per DallasCowboys.com

Wide Receiver: Danny Amendola; Mark Bradford; Mike Jefferson; Todd Lowber

This was pretty surprising. With three of the Cowboys' top five receivers hurt it was thought Dallas would keep at least one of their untested rookies for depth. Now it is clear the Cowboys plan on using the tight ends (and perhaps Felix Jones) to help out in the passing game. However, I think this means the Cowboys will be seriously looking at some veterans to come in and provide depth. Look for Amendola and Jefferson to get invited to the practice squad.

Tight Ends: Drew Atchison; Rodney Hannah

Rodney Hannah made some plays but was not consistent enough to make the final roster.

Quarterbacks: Richard Bartel

Practice squad material if he chooses to stay in Dallas.

Running Backs: Alonzo Coleman; Julius Crosslin; Keon Lattimore

No surprises here, especially with how well Felix Jones and Tashard Choice have looked in the preseason.

Offensive Line: Ryan Gibbons; Cory Lekkerkerker (injury settlement)

Looks like James Marten got a second chance after all.

Defensive Line: Remi Ayodele; Marcus Dixon; Darrell Robertson; Marcus Smith; Junior Siavii

The Cowboys are just too deep on the defensive line, especially with Tank Johnson emerging as a team leader and Marcus Spears finally becoming a playmaker.

Linebackers and DB's: Dowayne Davis; Tearrius George; Tyson Smith; Erik Walden

Interesting that the Cowboys didn't keep Walden, who had started to emerge as a steady special teams player. Dowayne Davis is practice squad material.

Other notes of interest: The Cowboys decided to keep both Alan Ball and Evan Oglesby, a perfect example of players forcing themselves on the roster. Oglesby had showed some promise against the pass and Alan Ball had started to make plays on special teams, especially as a gunner on the punt team.

Larry Allen officially retired today as a Dallas Cowboy.

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