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Absolutely embarassing! All I heard this past week was an overabundance of whining about the Dolphins and how they beat the Jets with the wildcat. So hearing that, I was thinking we've the Bills on Sunday, no problem we'll bounce back and snap the two game losing streak. I mean, the Bills lost to CLEVELAND last week. They lost to a team where their QB went 2 of 17 for 23 yards. The Jets should steam roll the Bills!


What I saw today was absolutely amazing and by amazing I mean the WORST EFFORT I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!!!

I think that blowhard Rex Ryan should maybe shut that over sized piehole and stick to coaching! Mark Sanchez has proved that he is currently not the answer and maybe needs to hold the clipboard for a game or two so Kellen Clemens can show what he can do. The offence is in DIRE NEED OF WORK, The D can't do it all!

I won't be shocked if the Raiders beat us next week and I hate to say this BUT the Dolphins WILL beat us again in two weeks if we don't shape up! The Jets have given me no reason the last couple weeks to believe that this team in no better than a below .500 team.

For all the hype leading into this season, the old Public Enemy song "don't believe the hype" is now the song that comes to mind when I think of the New York Jets!

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