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Rexy: Mark Sanchez might be more confident then me

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.500, But Then There Are the Injuries

By Lisa Zimmerman on 20. Sep, 2010

FLORHAM PARK–They won. Happy now? Talk about doing a 180. The team that showed up Sunday against the Patriots, certainly didn’t look like the team that showed up in game one against the Ravens.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson said that the marching orders from Brian Schottenheimer this week were, “focus and do your job.” It looked like it worked. Another player, I honestly can’t remember who, because of the post-game locker room melee and I didn’t write it down, said that during the game, Mark Sanchez would continually cover his eyes before a play went off as a reminder to focus.

After the game, when asked about Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan said, “I think he’s more confident than I am, and that’s saying something.”

As for the defense, CB Antonio Cromartie cited communication as the key that helped them hold back the Patriots and overcome the loss of Darrelle Revis. “We talked on every single play,” Cromartie said. “Even when we didn’t have to talk.”

The amazing thing was that it seemed like the more people that got injured, the better the team played. Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, Drew Coleman, Eric Smith, Brad Smith, Bryan Thomas and Jason Taylor all took their lumps. Some lumpier than others.

The MRI results are not yet in on Taylor’s elbow or Mangold’s shoulder.

Thomas got kicked, Coleman landed on the side of his hip, they’ll both be fine. Brad Smith got banged into during the wildcat and hurt his jaw but he told me today that he’s fine.

Then – saving the best for last I suppose – there’s Darrelle Revis’ hamstring. According to him, it is not torn nor pulled, it is just a strain. He also said he’s been told it will take one to two weeks to heal. Right now he has no idea if he’ll play but they’re doing everything from massage to accupuncture. He did say he felt 100% before the game and it wasn’t until he was running on the Randy Moss touchdown play that it flared up.

Calvin Pace is apparently a whole lot better. His rehab has been “extraordinary” according to Ryan. He likely won’t be seen against the Dolphins but there’s a shot against the Bills. However, my guess is that if they don’t really need him against the Bills, they won’t push him and risk a set back, but we’ll see.

The locker room was a little sparse today. Jason Taylor was there but didn’t want to talk. We’ll talk to him Thursday. I think.

Braylon Edwards would have gotten a game ball for his performance against the Patriots but Ryan decided that his penalty negated that and didn’t give it to him. “It’s not the first time he’s been in the end zone either,” Ryan said. “He knows better.”

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