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Jets for Jesus. Life with Tebow


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So now the Jets have Tim Tebow as their ? player.

What does this mean? Is he now their new Slash/ Brad Smith player. Obviously they now will commit heavily to a wildcat option.

However for this to work they now need a legitimate and consistent deep threat wide receiver. Its the only way the wildcat can work. One thing I will give Tebow is that he is a better thrower than Smith was, at least in regards to deep passes (over 25 yards)

Whether it is through the draft or bringing back Braylon Edwards the jets MUST address the number two wide out position.

On field. One earl criticism of Tony Sparanos offense is that the team will likely settle for a lot of field goals. This could be a move that puts the strength in the Jets favor inside the red zone. Tebow's ability to put pressure on a defense from both facets of the game is a an edge for the Jets. It could work to their advantage that Dustin Keller is very much similar to Aaron Hernandez and that Jeremy Kerley can be an effective Percy Harvin type receiver, albeit with less speed. If this results in more touchdowns in the red zone, then this is a good move.

Now on to the other circumstances. What does Tebow bring to the team. Most likely - trouble. Tim is the ultimate competitor. We all know he will try to win the quarterback job - even if he is told he is not being brought in for it. So the pressure that everyone wanted on Mark Sanchez, the push so many have desired, it has arrived. As much as it pains me, at the first sign of trouble for Sanchez the Tebow chants will reign down from the New Meadowlands stadium.

Can this work? I just don't see how this will be a benefit. You have one quarterback and you keep him on the field.

(obviously I hate this move, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on it)

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