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Breaking Down the Jets 2012 Season Game-By-Game


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Here is the 2012 schedule and what I think should happen in every game from a wins and losses standpoint. Certain teams the Jets handle consistently. Some they always struggle with. Some have improved. Some not so much. Let's see what the record ends up as......

TIME (ET) 1 Sun, Sep 9

1:00 PM CBS 2 Sun, Sep 16

4:25 PM CBS 3 Sun, Sep 23

1:00 PM CBS 4 Sun, Sep 30

1:00 PM FOX 5 Mon, Oct 8

8:30 PM ESPN 6 Sun, Oct 14

1:00 PM CBS 7 Sun, Oct 21

4:25 PM CBS 8 Sun, Oct 28

1:00 PM CBS 9 BYE WEEK 10 Sun, Nov 11

4:05 PM CBS 11 Sun, Nov 18

1:00 PM CBS 12 Thu, Nov 22

8:20 PM NBC 13 Sun, Dec 2

1:00 PM FOX 14 Sun, Dec 9

1:00 PM CBS 15 Mon, Dec 17

8:30 PMnetworkLogo_espn.gif 16 Sun, Dec 23

8:20 PM NBC 17 Sun, Dec 30

1:00 PM CBS

Week 1: Buffalo

Buffalo is improved, and their new pass rusher, Mario Williams, will spend his day running away from D-Brick, and finding the weak link. Wayne Hunter, to pick on. A healthy RB should help the offense as well, but the Jets have won 5 out of the last 6, and should win a close one at home


Week 2: @ Pitt

Never fun going to Pitt, but they have lost many quality players on defense due to cap restraints. Hines Ward is gone, and Wallace will have to head over to Revis Island. Their world-class run defense will be tested against the Jets new running offense. First team to 17 wins. The Steelers aren't a 12-win lock like they used to be, but they'll probably take this one


Week 3: @ Miami

The Dolphins have a receipt coming to them for last year's season finale. The Jets have some demons to exorcise, and Reggie Bush and Chad Johnson aren't enough. Jets should win this one by 10.


Week 4: SF

One of the best teams in the NFC comes to MetLife, and this should be a barnburner! Manningham and Jacobs return to New York. Moss vs Revis. Great run defense. Another low scoring affair. Like playing Baltimore. The Jets squeak one out here.


Week 5: Houston

I think the Texans are the best team in the AFC. The Jets have always had their way with them, but some things do change, and the Jets won't get to 4-1. That would be too much prosperity for the Jets. They lose by 7-10 pts here.


Week 6: Indy

The Jets take out their frustrations on the young Colts, and it's not close.


Week 7: @ NE

The key to beating "The Past" is controlling the clock with your running game, which limits the ability of The Past to score, and getting a true pass rush on Tom Lady. I think Rex Ryan will save some of his best blitz schemes for this game. But it's not enough, and the Jets lose a 4-7 pt game.


Week 8: Miami

Miami doesn't travel well, but their QB play should be stabilized by now. Team is not tough enough to go to Jersey and win.


Week 10: @ Seattle

I REALLY don't like this game for the Jets. If there was ever a trap game, this is it. Seattle is like a box of chocolates, and the the Jets never play well there, much less after a bye, they love to come out flat as a pancake. Don't expect to see greatness in this one.....


Week 11: @ St Louis

Here is where the Jets make a run. The Rams are always in flux, and the rebuilding Rams will face an angry Jets team after a poor performance. Jets make a statement here, and refuse to go to .500. Good two TD win here.....


Week 12: NE

Jets don't play well on TV against The Past, but a short week at home should favor the home team. And motivation shouldn't be a problem. I think Tebow will flash his star power in this one, do something big. Jets find a way to win in spectacular fashion.


Week 13: Arizona

Arizona coming to the Northeast in December? 'Nuff said.


Week 14: @ Jax

Great defense down there! Especially against the run. Dolphins North, with a team in total upheaval. This one won't be pretty, but the Jets pull out a close one.


Week 15: @ Tenn

Jets are due for a clunker, and with 9 wins in the bank, and 4 in a row, this is a perfect time. Jets fans know what I'm talkin bout!


Week 16: SD

Same as with Arizona. The Powder Puffs don't play well against the tougher Jets, and hate leaving sunny SD for the cold NE in December. The Jets always have their number.


Week 17: @ Buffalo

A lot of variables to consider in this one.

Are the Bills out of playoff contention? (Probably)

Will the Jets have any seeding to play for (Maybe 5 vs 6)

The Jets may rest players if there is nothing to be gained. But you want to go into the playoffs with momentum. But a week off may help here.

Put it this way, the Jets would be wise to go into this game with 10 wins. The Bills are better this year, and I wouldn't leave the season's success up to a game in Buffalo. Call it a loss, but anything can happen here.


So there you have it. A playoff as a 5th or 6th seed WC. If they get 2000+ rushing yards, and a Top 5 defense that is much more consistent, there is no telling how far they can go. They could be the next Packers or Giants! Hopefully without the injuries.

Your thoughts. Let's hear from The People......


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I like it. Very realistic.

I actually think the Jets will head to NE with both teams at 5-1 at the head of the division.

*NE losing @Balt week 3.

I also cant imagine the Jets losing to Seattle. I think our defense will give them fits but thats a hard place to play, especially for an east coast team.

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