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SouthernJet Reviews: 'Easy Money' (4/5).. Non stop Swedish Thriller

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'Easy Money' is a 'Dragon Tattoo-ish or Headhunter-esque' type Indie thriller.

Very edgy film style is used in this 'I want a better life' story.

Basic premise is middle class Grad student JW (AMC's "The Killing" Joel Kinnaman), starts hanging with some elite class friends. This only escalates his already longing to escape his middle class roots,

He gets involved with Jorge, a career criminal on the run and Mrado a Mob enforcer who wants to end his criminal ways to raise the daughter that was just left in his care.

What we get is Drug deals, double crosses and deceptions. It all blends together in a taught crime and human condition flick.

This film was so popular in Europe they have already filmed Easy Money 2 (US release 2013) and they are filming Easy Money 3 now.

The rights have been bought by Hollywood to remake with Zac Efron in JW's role for 2014 release.




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