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Just wondering if anyone around here does any sports (legally of course!) betting? Play around with sports books or sites? I see the sportsbookreview link here on Jet Nation. 

I placed my first online bet this year...  I've bet a couple times on trips to Vegas, but this is the first time I've played around online. I can see how it can get addicting and dangerous! Curious if anyone else messes around with picks or betting. What do you look for, how much stock you put into the odds?, How often do you play?... Or just chatter on what you think about sports betting in general.

Betting college football sure seems like the quickest way to lose money...


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I use the Draft Kings sportsbook app. It's pretty solid and they implemented Casino stuff recently which is dangerous. But the Sportsbook is good especially for international Soccer. Football I won't bet on until week 4 except for my season long homer picks of the JETS to win the Super Bowl. 

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22 minutes ago, bitonti said:

I'm in PA and often play in NJ too. It's fun.

here are my rules:

-Never bet on the Jets, you homer

-Never bet against NE in Gilette (while TB12/BB is a thing) 


My first online pet was for NE! I'm not super proud of myself but hey, if they lose I'm happy, and if they win I get some money. Works for me heh. 

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