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My top 10 picks and why

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So this is what really should transpire but of course won’t.

#1 Jags - Evan Neal T Alabama. Jags have Lawrence. Their OL sucks. Take Neal who is a stud muffin to protect your golden boy for the next 10 years. Period

#2 Lions - Adam Hutchinson Edge. They need everything but go with hometown favorite since it’s a no brainer PR move as well. 

#3 Texans - Ekonwu T. Texans need everything as well. He’s a monster and their OL sucks as well. No brainer. 

#4 Jets - Sauce Gardner CB. Yea we desperately need an edge but JD addresses a much needed upgrade at CB and takes best one. Edge will wait. 

#5 Giants - Trevon Walker Edge. Hype to much to resist and they need a pass rusher. 

#6 Panthers - Malik Willis QB - Panthers are like the movie Sharknado. Their QB position and decisions on it are a joke. They are desperate and take the QB with the best future upside in Willis. 

#7 Giants- Charles Cross T. OL is a wreck full of has been. Cross is probably best pass protector of all OL prospects. 

# 8 Falcons - Garret Wilson WR. Desperate need. And he the most polished WR 

#9 Seahawks - Keyvon Thibedoux Edge. Slide stops. Their higher needs are a T and QB but best Tackles off board and go with Keyvon. 

#10 Jets - Jameson Williams WR. Jets are desperate for a speed burner and take a chance on the best WR in draft and hope he recovers fully. 

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