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Favorite Prospects


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Curious to see some of your favorite prospects. Not nec. guys you think the Jets SHOULD draft or guys that fill positions of need or guys that are a good 'fit' but just guys you like coming out of this draft.  

Since I do not follow college football that closely and typically try to look for positions the Jets need addressing, most of my favorite prospect are limited to guys that would be a nice fit for the Jets. 

1. Bijon Robinson: One of my faves in this draft. So much fun to watch. A 1st down machine. Runs like Marshawn Lynch with the speed and athleticism of Zeke Elliott in his prime. Pairing him with Hall would create a two-headed monster teams would have to stack the box for. With Rodgers at the helm, we could exploit teams over the top. 

2. Brian Branch: Mr. do it all. If you appreciate versatility and leadership on the field- this is your guy. Love watching him play. He can cover in the slot, blitz, roam as a FS or play in the box. Would fill a hole at that second safety spot next to Whitehead/Clark. Practically any team would benefit from adding a guy like Branch to their secondary. 

3.  Myles Murphy: An absolute monster at DE. Apparently he is not very consistent but boy do I love me some highlights of this guy. He just mauls O-linemen like they are ragdolls. Shows fantastic power as a pass rusher. When he is at his best he is a joy to watch, annihilating the competition. 


4. Sydney Brown: Great versatile safety. Love his awareness and leadership. He'd best fit as a roaming FS but can really do it all. He exhibits fantastic football IQ. This is one guy I would love the Jets to target in Rd. 2-3.  

5. Jack Campbell: Your classic Mike LB. Love his size, football IQ and leadership. Another guy I'd love for the Jets to target in Rd. 2-3. Many people have talked about Trenton Simpson, Drew Sanders, and Daiyan Henley. I am really high on Campbell and think he will end up being a better Mike, and maybe better player, than any of these other guys. 

6. Nathaniel Dell: Every time I run a draft simulator, this guy falls to the mid to late rounds and I have no choice but to take him. He is an absolute speed demon and I love the way he can shift gears on his routes. Great returner and overall versatile weapon on offense. Great fit for the Jets to serve as a replacement for Berrios on specials as a returner as well as depth at WR.  

7. Jake Haener: Diminutive, small school QB. Many have mentioned him already. Love watching him play. Doesn't have the biggest arm, not an elite athlete, far from prototypical size, but he just makes things happen. He's accurate, he's mobile enough, he has a winner's mentality. He really reminds me a lot of Brock Purdy. In the right system, with the right coaching and a good team around him- he coudl succeed in the NFL. 

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