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Shooting in Lewiston Maine

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I'm sure this thread will get locked at some point due to forum rules, but I gotta vent a little. I promise to not step over the line here, as best I can.

This type of stuff didn't happen up here in Maine, at least not on such a scale. Not like this. There were instances where people who targeted family members during divorces and custody disputes, but not like this. This was complete madness. I had thought to myself a couple weeks ago that it was rare to hear about this stuff here. This was a place where you never thought about such things happening. This is Vacation Land for F sakes, this doesnt happen up here. Not any more, naivete gave way to stark reality.

Im at a loss for words,  but i need to blurt out everything I'm keeping confined in my mind at the same time.  To target deaf people and children is incomprehensible,  all while they were out innocently enjoying themselves playing pool and bowling. This all happened 20 minutes from where I work, and it got to me. It changed me. I'm numb from the realization of my state now being on the national news because of this nonsense.  I'm pissed that this crap happened here, and I'm more pissed that it happens anywhere. Such a senseless loss of human life and shattered happiness. There's no place for this in society. 

This guy is still not apprehended, and could possibility do this again somewhere else. There's vast tracts of wooded land to disappear in here, and the search will be difficult,  but there are hundreds of law enforcement hunting him down. These guys aren't going to mess around.  I'm hoping for positive news today,  but the time is passing very slow. Everything is surreal now...

Hopefully this thread topic isnt deemed in violation of forum rules, but I had to vent to someone, somewhere. Thanks for listening. 


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