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Hey Barton, SS, Smizz


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Do you still think Reggie is falling to #4???:bag:

This draft is a monumental disappointment:bag:

Man... you are such a woman. Take the tampon oput of your ass and deal with it. Nothing has changed. They weren't going to get Bush before, and they weren't going to get Bush today. My god... can you be any more of a drama queen?

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Just here to prve you wrong

After all that **** last night,,,,,you were PROVED WRONG!!!


Proved wrong? I said he could be there. Did you even graduate from elementry school? Holy cow...

Blindind by ignorance. Trading up wasn't what was best for this franchise. Long term, trading up would be suicide. And you'd be sitting here, still bitching about how the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl. Or even made one. You'd still be Tx's bitch.

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