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Walt Michaels on Sirius NFL now

Sperm Edwards

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I tuned in to him cooing over Greg Buttle

What could you have done with a kid with the tools of a Mario Williams?

- mark an X where the QB was going to set up….

- you make him a tremendous pass-rusher b/c most teams are still 60% pass. If he’s rushing every time you’re 60% right. If the run goes up the middle or to the other side most of the rest of the time it still doesn’t hurt you.

USFL: Wished he could’ve had Brian Sipe when he was healthy instead of his 13th year. He had Doug Flutie as a rookie & Herschel Walker & Maurice Carthon

In I-formations those 2 were “as good as anyone ever”

He enjoyed “trump in his late 30’s”

He was asked about the aftermath of the AJ Duhe game?

- it was probably the best that I left the jets a lot of things were said & surmised. I don’t talk about it b/c didn’t know whether I was going to coach again & went over to the generals & that was that

still goes to the jets games & enjoys going & telling war stories

On that 82 championship game

aj duhe on the films – powell knocked him back a couple of times and that was one of his INT’s – Todd on a muddy field didn’t’ get the ball where he should

he enjoys ny fans – knowledgeable in all sports football, baseball

after the 82 champ game it was a good time to leave

joked about Donald trump winning the anti trust case but only winning $1

also re the 82 champ game that it’s too bad you only get one game when it comes to playoffs in football b/c Todd was good for 14 games & had that one bad one.

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