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Around the AFCE

By Jetfighter

Posted on Fri Jun 29, 2007 at 08:51:24 AM EST

For the final part of Around the AFC East, we have the Phinsider here to answer more burning questions us Jets fan have. Lets take a look.

Jetfighter: On the depth chart NY Giants bust Will Allen is listed as the left starting cornerback. Do you see him struggling at the position at all, and if so, who do you think will take his spot or share the LCB position?

Phinatic: This will be Will Allen's second season in Miami, and there's no doubt about it, he's the team's #1 corner. He has great speed and is a solid tackler in run support (which is rare for a corner). However, the issue with Allen is that he really isn't a true #1 corner. His technique and anticipation are not ideal and his hands are not quite reliable. In fact, over the past 3 years (1 in Miami, 2 in NY), Allen only has 2 interceptions despite having 40 pass deflections over that span. That's the one area he really needs to improve.

Like I said above, Allen is this team's #1 corner, but ideally, would make a solid #2 guy. However, the Dolphins are lacking at the cornerback spot, which is why Allen is forced to constantly cover the opposing team's top receiver. The other starting cornerback spot will belong to either Travis Daniels or Andre Goodman. Both are adequate corners, neither are terrible but neither are very good. But the thing with these corners is that they will hot be asked to cover their men for a long time. That's what Dom Caper's defense will be about this year.

The addition of Joey Porter to play OLB opposite of Jason Taylor will mean that they will get more pressure than ever on the QB. The idea here will be that the pressure will force the opposing QB to make quicker throws, meaning Miami's average corners don't have to cover for too long. When they are forced to, that's when they get into trouble. And unfortunately, there is no help on the way for this season. Undoubtedly, cornerback will be a top priority during next year's offseason.

All I gotta say to this one is Lavernaues Coles is going to rip Will Allen on the field if he doesn't get concussed by Zack Thomas going across the middle.

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