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Can someone explain to me


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Why the Owner of the Bucs Malcom Glazer is like the most hated man in England right now after showing interest in buying Manchester United ?

What gives ? Just Curious.


Fan group threatens Man Utd bosses


LONDON -- British police said on Thursday they were investigating threats made by a militant group of fans against directors of the world's richest soccer club Manchester United, following its takeover by U.S. tycoon Malcolm Glazer.

The U.S. financier completed a 790 million pound ($1.44 billion) purchase of the club in May, angering many supporters who said he knew nothing about soccer and would cream off the profits to pay off debts accrued by the purchase.

One fans' group which calls itself the "Manchester Education Committee" (MEC) has released a statement on various soccer Web sites which make thinly veiled threats to members of the English Premier League club's new board.

"All senior figures within the club are considered 'fair game,'" the statement said.

"The Committee would like to stress that it will at no stage seek out 'soft' targets, but that it can only speak for its own members."

Many outraged fans have staged protests since Glazer made public his interest in taking over the club -- thousands demonstrated before the club's Champions League tie with AC Milan in February -- but the MEC has been the most militant.

It was blamed for disrupting a horse race meeting at Hereford in central England when a group carried banners onto the track to protest against Irish racing tycoons and former United shareholders John Magnier and JP McManus, who sold their holding to Glazer.

Police said they were taking the latest warnings seriously.

"All reports will be investigated fully and Greater Manchester Police will do everything possible to ensure that the people making these threats are brought to justice," said Chief Superintendent Andy Holt.

A police spokeswoman said the MEC carefully worded its statements so that they did not break the law themselves or provide any details of what they were intending.

"There's very little you can do on the information provided by these Web sites," she said.

On Tuesday, the club announced that Glazer's three sons would be joining its board but the only director specifically named in the MEC statement was chief executive David Gill, seen by some fans as a traitor for not rejecting the takeover bid.

"David Gill especially should be aware that personal information he placed in the public domain during a conversation with a shareholder during November

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Thats a good point. these limeys are the stupidest people on the planet.

what do they think? they own the team? so what if someone buys the team if they have no plans to change everything then shut the hell up. money talks today more than ever. everything is being aquired by wealthy corps and individuals, welcome to the club...now go eat a typical horrible english meal

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Okay, I've been a United fan since the end of the 70's. I'm one of the ones against Glazer (as my sig on JI makes it clear).

United have been debt free (one of the few soccer clubs to have achieved this). Glazer's plan involves him taking out loans to buy the club, and now that he has taken control, has passed on his other debts onto the club, leaving them with

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So basically the fans are worried that the team will be less competitive because Glazer wants the prestige of owning probably the biggest sports franchise in the world?

Makes sense. Interesting to hear it from a fan's point of view.

It would be like someone buying the Yankees when they couldn't really afford it, and having to run with a restricted payroll and possibly running the team into the ground. I guess Yankee fans would be pretty pissed too.

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