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Mangini's Thrusday Press Conference

Kentucky Jet

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A little different format for our OTAs this year as opposed to the previous two years, with the change in the rules. The rookies don't get in until Friday, so we've started the OTAs with just the veteran group, which I think has been positive. We do have quite a few new guys, so it gives them a chance to work together as a group, the new coaches to work with those guys together as a group, and as the rookies come in this Friday, over the course of the weekend we'll get them involved in the OTAs the following week.

In the off-season in general, I like the way the guys have worked. We actually had quite a few guys in before the off-season program began, who came in on their own. There were 25, 30 guys working out prior to ever being required to work out for the off-season program, so I liked that initiative. I like the way they've been so proactive with that.

Today the only guys we won't have attending will be Chris Baker and Abram Elam. With Abe it

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