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****The official Jetman67 trial (private debate)


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Sorry guys.. I thought I could take Sunday off in this trail. Well I will be honest with you guys. I did a very unethical thing today concerning this trail. i actually had a phone conversation with the defendant. Yes I know you are probably very disappointed in me but i did do it. I tried to talk Mr Jetman67 into ending this trail by just pleading guilty and throwing himself at the mercy of the court. I tried to spare him this horrible faint that awaits him. But alas he just ignored me.

There has been discussion concerning what the actually charges are, and I for one pointed out many funny one's during my opening statement, plus I have allot of other that I can bring up as well. I guess what I am trying to say Judge is do you really want me to CASTRATE HIM FOR BEING THE STUPIDEST JET FAN EVER or do you want me to really get him for being him. You see judge most people have not put there lives out on the World Wide web like JM67. Most people try to keep their embarrasing stuff in the CLOSET. But not JM67 he loves the spot light.. he loves when people laugh at him and not with him.... So even thought i can make him either hang himself one night in his cell during this trial or just serve him on a silver platter for the jury I actually kind of feel bad for him....

The people that have been on JI and been to 16H know this clown like BOB, TMAC , Brenda and others.He has NO DEFENSE except for a promise that he will not be Jetman67 anymore. So if that is the case then why don't we just let him stay gameface and be done....

Also if we continue this I will be really leaving some dirty laundry on this thread so get ready...

And I called my first witness which was the defense attorney and he never answered my questions...So he should be held in contempt.

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