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The Official Wisconsin Jets Fan Welcome Thread


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Gentleman, I am a life long Milwaukee Brewers fan who grew up in New Jersey rooting for the Brewers from afar. I grew up a Jets fan dating back to Richard Todd and Nu Faola (please god let the nightmares stop). and lets just say my investment in Wisconsin Baseball has not exactly paid off until recently. Having said that, i believe Jet fans and Wisconsin Sports fans are a lot closer in nature than anyone would realize and its in that spirit that i want to welcome in all the incoming Wisconsin Quasi Jet fans who will NEVER forget what Brett means to them and want to see him do well (especially for a team they have little chance to ever face rather than the dreaded Vikings). I know this is tough for you guys seeing a legend finish his career for another team, but lets just say, we were robbed of the chance to have Brett write our franchises history and instead we watched our upper managment screw it up and pass on him so they could save a 5th round pick which ended up being some journey man nothing in the NFL. In the 16 years you've had Brett Favre every game to play QB here's what we had

Browning Nagle

Jeff Blake

Boomer Easiason

Jack Trudoue

Glenn Foley

Neil O'Donnell

Bubby Brister

Frank Reich

Vinny Testaverde

Ray Lucas


Chaz Pennington

Brooks Bollinger

Kellen Clemons

Lets Just say, we are MORE than happy to let Brett sling the ball for a few more years and make sure Payton Manning never catches up with his records. Dont' forget Packer Fans, Brett is the Best QB of all time and there is NO doubt he will always be remembered as a Packer even if he wins 4 superbowls in a row with the Jets BUT we can help defenend and expand his legacy and that is why we should have a strong alliance between our two franchies. Count This Brewer / Jet fan part of Packer Nation and hopefully Vice Versa for you packer fans, WELCOME!

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I've always had the highest regard for Pack fans. They are fair honest and passionate, but they are most of all classy. Unlike some other fanbases, they can lok at themselves honestly and discuss their negatives and positives without attacking others and lashing out like little children. I have been to Lambeau and can say that as an opposing fan I was shocked at how civil and courteous the cheesheads were to this visitor. Great experience, great fanbase.

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