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Cimini Wens PM practice


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Not surprised with Ainge....what a waste of a pick if true..not like the Jets need corners or wrs or anything

Ratliff probably was described much in the same way last year.

Ainge will likely make his way to the Jets practice squad, and they can determine what his worth is next year. Favre could be a one year and out guy, or Clemens could make his way all the way off the team by then. If that's the case, having had a QB spend the previous season on the taxi squad really wouldn't be such a waste. Especially if he can show the level of improvement that Ratliff has over the course of a year.

How many 5th round WR's and CB's are going to make an impact this year? I've got no problem with them taking a flyer on a well coached QB.

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