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Some NFL tidbits from Boston Globe reporter


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Really good article.

couldn't agree more with it in fact.

Who'd I like to see us take a look at:

QB- Leftwich. I think he would be a good vet to have around.

RB- Mcalister might provide some good depth for us in our new run first offense.

WR- Holt still has some gas left in the tank and I don't know why we haven't had any contact with him.

TE- We should bring back Bubba. I like his name.

Oline- We are pretty good there, but what about Runyan and dare I say Kendall.

Dline- Not really like much of these guys other then Taylor and who really expects him to come here???

Lb- we are pretty solid but June might be a nice reserve player for us.

Secondary- We could bring in any of these guys for depth.

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