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Anyone see the article in the NY Post regarding coaches


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I do not have the link but summarizing it said due to the Jets very young assistant coaches on offense Heimerdinger spends alot of time coaching his coaches and his players. Ummm who hired them?

Never thought about this until someone mentioned it here yesterday.

Zernhelt, John - TE Coach = 1 Year Experience

Szott, Dave - Offensive Assistant = 2 Years

Marrone, Doug - OLine Coach = 4 Years

Hamilton, Pep - WR Coach = 3 Years

Gash, Sam - Asst RB Coach = 1 Year

Bates, Jeremy - QB Coach = 3 with Jets\4 Overall

That is a lot of first time guys.

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Here is the link: http://www.nypost.com/seven/11132005/sports/54153.htm


Though the Jets' offensive problems are almost too numerous to count, here's one NFL insider's take: The inexperience of the offensive coaching staff is a huge problem.

Neither the QBs coach (Jeremy Bates), WRs coach (Pep Hamilton), RBs coach (Dick Curl) nor TEs coach (John Zernhelt) had been an NFL coach at his respective position before this season. As a result, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger is spending as much time coaching the coaches as he is tutoring his players.

The former RB coach was the one who fight with Hermpes over the Martin/Jordan debacle in San Diego.

The QB coach was Hackett.

The WR coach was Jim Hostler. He was responsible for communicating Hackett's playcalling to the QB helmet. Remember de Ravens game last year? He was probably fired because of that mess in the final minutes. He is now with the 49ers.

The TE coach I don't remember.

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last years tight end coach was bob casullo. he was with the jets for 1 year. He had a clause in his contract that enabled him to take a job as special teams coach if 1 became available( his 1st love, did it with gruden in oakland). Took the job with seatle this year. left on good terms for what thats worth.

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