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If the clown shoes fit...


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Biggest problem in recent years...Pass rush. Bring in Santonio Holmes.

Biggest problem last year...Offensive line...Bring in Tebow.

Or don't bring in Tebow. Wait, I'm sorry, we didn't read that last page. Let me just hit Send on my Twitter account and you can tell me all abouit it.

Now. Let's see. Safety. Our other gaping hole. We keep losing one of our safeties to injury and the other one can tackle, but can't cover. Hmmm...I know! We'll get a gigantic tackling safety who is constantly injured...can you say "UPGRADE"?

Now. About that offensive line. did i mention Tim Tebow? Oh. What?

Cornerback, then! Let's just get another cornerback. that'll do it.

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