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John Idzik should not be allowed to run this offseason


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The Jets have not been a good team this year at all (that's an understatement, captain obvious). We do have some pieces though. Most importantly, for a team that really needs talent, is that we will have a ton of cap space and a nice shiny top 3 draft pick. 2 years and th eonly thing that Idzik has shown is that he is capable of clearing cap space (something more than just a few of us could have achieved) and signing the cheapest players at positions of need. His drafting has been terrible (I do not think Sheldon Richardson was his idea at all). With all the cap space we will have and a very high draft slot, there is no way Woody can allow this to be handled by a man who has shown nothing but incompetence. In 2 years all he has managed is to cut a bunch of bad contracts and draft horribly. This years draft in particular was gruesome. Best case scenario for this team is to lose out and fire everyone who has had anything to do with building or coaching this team. Clean house and hire a GM who can actually build a team and then hire a coach who knows how to run a modern NFL team. Rex is a dinosaur who has tried to build a team that could win like the '85 bears did. You have to run a team that takes advantage of the way the rules are written.

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