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Darnold vs rookie QBs - Week 15

batmans a scientist

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Tableau Data for more details


Through week 15 Sam Darnold is now right now the 2nd or 3rd best rookie QB this season. Darnold has a 72.8 QB Rating, while Lamar Jackson is far higher at 82.0. But Darnold has played in far more games and has started to look the part of franchise QB the past few weeks. 

2018 NFL rookies compared:

* Baker Mayfield - 260-407 63.9%, 3,065 Yards 21 TDs 11 INTs (14 total turnovers), 7.5 YPA, 9.1 Yards per throw, 92.6 QB Rating (Ranked 6th of 43 Rookie QBs between Colt McCoy and Cody Kessler) - Got to admit, it was a bit shocking to see to other Cleveland Browns rookies ranked 5th and 7th, just a coincidence, and neither played nearly as many snaps as Mayfield, but still.

* Lamar Jackson 73-124 58.9% 818 Yards, 5TDs 3 INTs (6 Total Turnovers), 6.6 YPA, 8.8 Yards per throw, 82.0 QB Rating - 114 Rushes 568 Yards, 3 TDs (13th of 43 rookie QBs between Cam Newton and Andy Dalton)

* Sam Darnold - 199-351 56.7%, 2,357 Yards 14 TDs 15 INTs (16 total turnovers), 6.7 YPA, 9.0 Yards per throw, 72.8 QB Rating (Ranked 26th of 43 Rookie QBs between Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden)

* Josh Rosen - 187-336 55.7%, 2,042 Yards 10 TDs 14 INTs (17 Total Turnovers), 6.1 YPA, 7.9 Yards per throw, 66.3 QB Rating (Ranked 31st of 43 Rookie QBs between CJ Bethard and Jared Goff)

* Josh Allen - 132-253 52.2% 1,633 Yards 6 TDs 9 INTs (11Total Turnovers) 6.4 YPA, 11.5 Yards per throw - 75 rushes 506 yards 6 TDs, 65.5 QB Rating (Ranked 34th of 43 Rookie QBs between Blaine Gabbert and Bryce Petty)

This comparison of all rookie QBs of the past 10 years, will continue to update all season. It's data and basic Tableau bar chart that can be sorted by season, week, quarter, and down/distance, you can also filter out QBs based on how many passes

Josh Allen has the highest Yards Per Throw (Depth of throw) of any rookie QB in the last decade, by half a yard.  Darnold has improved since returning from injury the last 2 weeks

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I watched Baker Mayfield vs the Broncos who were missing their entire CB group. He had at least 5 passes knocked down at the LOS. He was 18-31 188 yards & that was with Chubb running for 100 yards.

I think Mayfield has played well but I also think some Jet fans were jumping the gun anointing him the best QB in that draft. He's playing on a much more talented team other than Lamar Jackson is playing with the Ravens. Darnold, Rosen & Allen are playing on teams with far less talent.

Darnold, Jackson & Rosen won't even be 23 years old until the 2020 season. Look at Sam Darnold last week compared to 3 weeks earlier when injuring his foot. Think about just 9 years ago when Mark Sanchez was the QB. Remember when Mark got chased out the pocket? At that moment every Jet fan was like "uh, oh, don't do it, don't try to force it, oh god no". With Sam, I can't remember a Jet QB EVER that had the accuracy & touch he shows on the move. How much harder will he be to stop when it's 2nd nature to him to pull the defender with a pump fake & just toss it over him like a did a few times Sunday? The book on Darnold was he was unconventional, always keeps his eyes downfield & could throw from any angle & that has proven to be true. He threw a jump pass moving sideways for a TD Sunday. 

Three 2nd rounders, 1 we got from the Richardson trade. Best trade in New York Jet history! 

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